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10 things I would say to describe myself!

    1. Chronically Tardy

    Ashamed about that & continually striving to avoid the condition. As yet unresolved.

    2. Hard Working.

    Sometimes I forget to take breaks. If I can get started on a project (see # 9 below) I usually don't want to stop until it is finished.

    3. If Mouth is Open, Foot is usually protruding from it.

    That's embarrassing but true. I rarely activate the filter portion of the brain prior to the tongue engaging. This has been a lifelong trial.

    4. I call a lot of people idiots.

    But I judge myself harder than I judge them. And I'm a COLOSSAL amount of stupid!

    5. Humourous.

    I can make you laugh. Bet I can!

    From Dad Jokes to Slapstick, from impromptu rhyming to FANTASTIC 80's crooning, I'll make you chortle . . . .

    6. Indecisive

    I mean, I guess that's right . . . .

    : )

    7. I enjoy writing as a hobby.

    In many genres, from pirates to space opera, zombies to cowboys, war to romance.

    8. Movie loving trivia champ

    I didn't mean for the two to come out together as they don't have that much in common. But I like 'em both! Not necessarily trivia about movies, either. Could be, though.

    9. Procrastinator (& often unmotivated)

    "Man, let's just do it tomorrow!" My wife HATES that! Her motto is, "Right Now!" I am EXTREMELY blessed to HAVE a wife! She is everything that I am not. But also more high maintenance. Which is okay.

    10. Retired!

    No where to be and nothing pressing going on!

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