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10 Things I'm Avoiding Because They're Hard

    1. Writing this list.

    I sat here for a good 10 minutes trying to think of another topic just to avoid this one.

    2. Starting my book.

    Mostly because it's hard for me to finally select a topic among several ideas.

    3. Taking a brief downtime from running.

    I've had an on-again, off-again injury for which I finally decided to get a cortisone shot tomorrow (After two years! That was another hard decision). That means no running for at least five days, possibly longer. Bleh.

    4. Cutting back on caffeine.

    I want to cut out the coffee I drink right after waking up each morning and limit my consumption to just one cup at the coffee shop every day. Making the decision to do this is basically the equivalent of asking me if I want to have five of my teeth pulled out with no anesthetic.

    5. Cutting back on sugar.

    I run long distances, which requires me to consume sugar to replenish the glucose that gets quickly burned through exercise. In other words, it's a convenient excuse to eat far too many yummy treats. I also know that about 98% of sugar consumption is evil and I need to skew toward less ice cream and baked goods.

    6. Deciding where I'm going to live next.

    I have an October 1 deadline to decide with far too many options from which to choose.

    7. Making sacrifices in my daily schedule.

    I'm running an online business that's profitable but should be growing much more quickly. I can help this along by simply applying more man hours to it, but I've been reticent to let go of some other things I love to do (writing, for instance).

    8. Learning a new musical instrument.

    Doing so would violate my need to make sacrifices in my daily schedule, but this one lingers in the back of my mind all the time.

    9. Socializing more.

    I'm a loner. I'm friendly and deal well with people, but my strong preference is to do most things alone. The movie "Castaway" with Tom Hanks is my dream life, and I wouldn't even need the bloody volleyball. Yet, I know I need to expand my social network more than I'm doing now.

    10. Booking an international flight.

    I'm going to Lisbon in September, and most of my arrangements are set except for my flights. Why? I don't know. I hate booking flights; I guess that's the answer, and I especially dislike booking international flights.

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