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10 Things I'm Doing To Be More Productive (even though I loathe trying to maximize my time for productivity)

I have a love/hate relationship with productivity.

Sure, being "productive," which is a nebulous term with no defining purpose (for what are you being productive, and why?), can help accomplish a goal.

I want to hike up a mountain, and I want to do it in three hours; therefore, I must be productive (i.e., efficient) with my time to accomplish this goal.

Never mind that part of the point of climbing a mountain is to enjoy the experience, something that is more easily done by not rushing to meet some arbitrary timeline.

That said, there are times in life when, if I truly need to get something done by a specific time, I have to buckle down and be "productive."


So, here is what I have implemented in my life recently to increase my productivity.

I'll add a side note that I've done this while traveling for the better part of the last five weeks, so these techniques could be implemented by almost anyone at any time.

    1. I started waking up at 3:00 am.

    As discussed here:

    2. I joined a mastermind.

    Well, I sort of jointly started one with three other outstanding entrepreneurs. We held our first meeting yesterday.

    3. I asked a friend to hold me accountable for a specific task I need to complete once per week.

    Much like the mastermind, this is an age-old tactic to make sure things get done.

    4. I structure my days with a task list arranged by order of priority.

    Simple but effective.

    5. I use the Eisenhower Matrix to help identify priority tasks.

    An excellent method for weeding out the less important and less urgent tasks. You can read more about it here:

    6. I constantly reassess my priorities.

    Things change throughout a given day, which means an increasing number of tasks get added to my list. Some of them are important and urgent (see #5 above), and therefore need to be moved up the list. Others can be added to the list but don't need attention until much later. So, I periodically review my list to ensure I'm truly working on the most important thing at that time.

    7. I don't mess around in the morning.

    I still linger a little over coffee when I first wake up, but otherwise I'm up and moving fairly quickly.

    8. I joined a community where the members run similar businesses as my own.

    Nothing better than being part of a like-minded community for support and to support others.

    9. I removed all applications from my phone that I don't regularly use.

    The smartphone is the world's greatest instrument of distraction.

    10. I am starting to outsource more work.

    Going back to the Eisenhower Matrix, I am increasingly looking at the tasks that are not important and/or not urgent and asking myself if someone else can do them.

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