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10 Things I'm going to try

    1. Less alcohol

    Will try to not drink during the week.

    2. Get sun first thing in the morning

    Or at least go outside.

    3. Wait an hour for coffee

    I usually crush 3-4 cups upon waking. I read it is better to wait a bit.

    4. Work on my resume

    Time to brush it up and look for new roles.

    5. Walk more

    Been getting about 5k steps a day. Want to get 7-10k.

    6. Eat less

    This is my kryptonite. I love food too much!

    7. Plan some trips

    I have a lot of airline miles that I haven't used. Time to get going on some of the trips I've been putting off.

    8. Keep learning new skills

    I've spent 2022 learning something new that will allow me to change careers and give me more free time. I doubted myself at first, now starting to believe!

    9. Cut my own hair

    I used to do this for years. Just did it again two days ago. Looks great and saves me a fair amount of money.

    10. Do my yard work

    Got hurt, so had someone else do it. Doing it myself saves me a little money, but also helps me walk a lot more!

    11. Cook more

    Trying some new healthy dishes. Not venturing off too far from what I know, but it's a start.

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