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10 Things Monday Means To Me

A mixed feelings. Excited but also overwhelmed because of the many things I have to do, I want to do, and I need to do...

    1. The start of a fresh week

    You press refresh. If you could not hit the goal of meditating 5 times a week. You have another chance :)

    2. A chance to do better than last week

    Granted that we do a weekly review and we consciously look for areas to improve.

    3. The stress that comes with realizing how much was not done last week

    4. The excitement to get more things done

    5. The rush and urgency that comes when you count down the week: 7/52

    52 weeks in 2023. We are already in the 7th!

    6. The headache from all the emails that I don't checks

    7. The morning coffee or cappuccino

    They make every morning a delight, including Mondays.

    8. The reminder to take it easy

    It is just the start of the week.

    9. The guilt from not being too excited

    It is fine not to be always excited. We may love what we do, but that doesn't mean every aspect of what we do is exciting. We just need to do and do some more, the exciting, the grueling, and the mundane :)

    10. Gratitude

    That we can experience all these feelings on a Monday :)

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