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10 things that build genuine confidence


    1. Adversity

    The ability to respond to adversity and setbacks and overcome them

    2. Domain Experience

    You need expertise in a domain or a set of interrelated domains to feel confident. The more years of deliberate mastery the better you will be.

    3. Diverse Experiences

    To feel grounded enough, you need various life experiences in different jobs, environments, and people. A person with years of spectrum of experiences and mental agility can often trump someone doing the same job for ten years. 

    4. Age

    The older you get the more holistic view you will have on life. You realize that life is not insurmountable and that you handle many solutions with the right resources and expertise.

    5. Assertiveness

    You know your boundaries and your values. You can say No to people. You take less crap from the world and are winning to pushback.

    6. People skills and communication

    You get better at reading people. Know how to deal with conflict and negotiate. Learning out to deal with people that create drama. Be charismatic.

    7. Be non reactive

    Learning to be non-reactive. Don't take people's bait when they try to provoke you or get all maudlin. Act as if you knew this was exactly going to happen.

    8. Martial Arts and Weight Lifting

    There is a strong mind-body connection, and unless your body is in shape, your mind and, ultimately, your confidence will never be optimal.

    9. Meditation

    Mindfulness is valuable in pausing an option or action. People tend to act on their impulses if they are roused to anger or emotion. Meditation helps you mediate that response.

    10. Self Awareness

    You need to know yourself before you can hope to understand others. Not only how people act but anticipating how you will act about another individual.

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