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10 things that can't be good for you

Not a scientist, so no proof.

    1. Social media

    When FB first came out, it was fine. You just connected with your friends and family and they occasionally posted a picture.

    Now, these social media sites make people feel bad about themselves. On Instagram, many people doctor pictures or outright fake that they are flying private, and some people think they are a loser bc they don't fly private.

    Twitter is a cesspool, if you disagree with anyone or say anything outside the "company line."

    Monitor your time wisely, or just delete your accounts. What are you actually getting out of the experience?

    2. Fast food

    30+ years ago, fast food was actually decent. It was more like today's "fast casual."

    The few recent times I've been to a McDonalds, or similar chain, I couldn't even eat the food. It didn't taste like food. Chik-fil-a might be the only exception. I like there breakfast once a week.

    For a bit more money, you can go to a better place. Or buy your own food and cook it.

    Food trucks have better food

    3. News

    There was a time when news reported "news." I think local news still does the same thing. They don't put "opinion" pieces on top of the news


    Not picking on Tucker. Just showing that any mainstream media is just "opinion" now in the US.

    4. Negativity

    Partly why I avoid "News." There is very little uplifting stories.

    Negative people bring you down. Even if it is your family, don't pay them much attention or give them much time.

    Surround yourself with positive people, things, experiences.

    NotePD does this.

    5. Lethargy

    Humans were meant to be active. In fact, we have some of the most stamina of any animal. Some people are running for days at a time! It's crazy. I can't get off my couch!

    Do some exercise. Walk. Run. Lift weights. Whatever. Play a sport. Walk your dog. Rollerskate. Don't take it to the extreme. You want balance.

    6. Too much productivity

    "Hustle-porn" is real, especially in Western society. Work hard, sure, but know when enough is enough. Going "above and beyond" is important in certain settings and certain arenas. Make sure you are doing it for yourself. Going above and beyond in one area means you are taking away from other areas in your life. Balance is crucial.

    7. Doing things ONLY for the money

    To me, a good life is a balance of Health, Money, Love, and Happiness. You need enough money to not be stressed.

    What I love about NotePD is most of the site is focused on happiness and being a good person. Money is a part of this, but it is only a part. Don't sell your soul to the devil.


    Ed Thorp told the below story on Tim's podcast recently:


    8. Cheating and taking advantage of others for money

    @JamesAltucher, your recent podcast about crazy Wall Street stories is fantastic. Please make more of them!


    I don't work in finance, but have many friends that do. There are so many stories of friends ripping off each other. I had one friend, who had his partner change the locks to their building because they disagreed about something. The guy who locked everyone out was the only one on the lease, so there was nothing the others could do. They were in each others weddings. Their wives and children were good friends. Really awkward and unnecessary.

    9. Soft Drinks

    Would lump any drink that's not water, coffee, tea, milk in here.

    There's all kinds of crap in them. I like a nice Coke every now and then, but having the excess sugar and chemicals in your body bubbling around can't be good for you.

    Warren Buffett does drink a lot of Coke, so maybe I'm wrong.

    10. Stress

    A little bit of stress makes a tree stronger. Too much and it snaps.

    Same with humans. Don't live too good of a life, but if you are really struggling in some areas, seek help.

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