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10 Things That Do Not Need Fixing

    1. My phone

    I can make calls. Browse the internet. Take notes. My phones makes my life easier in so many ways and I am grateful it does not need fixing.

    2. My body

    It has not broken down in two years.

    Or maybe it has learned to fix itself before the break is detectable.

    Either ways it is healthy and I am grateful it does not need fixing.

    3. My laptop

    A few weeks ago it was only good for watching movies.

    Now, it can do anything in the world.

    Anything that a laptop is born to do.

    I am grateful it does not need fixing.

    4. My morning practice

    Write my morning pages.

    Write 10 ideas.

    Write a blog post.


    Review my goals.

    That is what I set out to do.

    And it is guided by the intention to improve 1% daily.

    Sometimes 1% improvement means: I did not reviews my goals yesterday, I must do it today.

    This way, nothing is broken.

    I am grateful my morning practice does not need fixing.

    5. Life

    The sun is working well to me.

    Same as the wind and the rivers.

    If the life running through me, the leper and terrorists is the same life running through the sun, river and wind,

    Then it is safe to say life is alright.

    Despite the cries of me and my fellow humans, it is not broken.

    It does not need fixing. And I am grateful for that.

    6. The US Dollar

    Maybe Americans want their money to be stronger.

    Good for you Americans.

    In my country we measure the strength of our money against the dollar.

    At some point it was 1:1.

    Today it is 1:10.

    GHS10 for 1 USD.

    This is perfect.

    There is so much I can do to fix it.

    So much my fellow Ghanaians can do to fix it (even if they do not know yet).

    What can we do if it was the dollar that needed fixing?

    I am grateful the USD does not need fixing.

    7. People

    What if personal development says:

    Change enough people and your life will change?

    How many people can you change?

    What can you change about someone for it to change their lives enough?

    I am grateful people do not need fixing.

    An entire industry would have been in the wrong business.

    8. The ozone layer

    People say we are destroying the ozone layer. Let us fix it.

    What do we need?

    Acrylic paint to paint over the holes?


    Duck tape?

    Nobody likes to go to the root of things.

    People like to talk about what is visible and catchy.

    I am glad the ozone layer does not need fixing.

    9. The planet

    Same as the ozone layer.

    People produce chemicals that create conditions they do not like.

    Then they say the planet is changing in a bad way,

    Let us fix it.

    Is it possible that if we stop producing those chemicals we will get different conditions?

    Do we want to stop?

    What has the planet got to do with anything.

    The damn thing has been around for infinity and it will be around for infinity.

    Such ignorance to think we can distroy it.

    What we really care about is our selfish interest.

    We want good conditions.

    And that is perfect.

    What stops us from doing things to create those conditions we want?

    I am grateful the planet does not need fixing.

    10. My girlfriend

    Everyone know this.

    You become what you think.

    Yet everyone has someone in their lives who is causing them pain, anger, unhappiness, disease, even death.

    How is that possible?

    I am grateful my girlfriend and other people around me do not need fixing.

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