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10 Things that people complain about: solutions to these are business ideas!

    1. Dating

    People complain about dating: - you can't meet people- people are too picky- it's hard to start a conversation- people don't text back- you have to go on a lot of dates to find the right oneSolution: create an app that solves all these.For instance, the app can be called "DateUp" and here's what it does:

    2. First, the app creates a profile for you based on your answers to questions about what you're looking for in a partner

    (The questions are answered by the user, not by AI or anything like that)

    3. Then when two people want to meet, they both put in their profiles what times they are available and where they want to meet

    The app then matches them up during those times at places within walking distance of each other

    4. So if Jane wants to meet someone between 7pm and 9pm at Starbucks and John wants to meet someone between 8pm and 10pm at Starbucks, then there's a match and they can set up a date

    5. At the appointed time, Jane sees an alert on her phone saying "John is waiting for you at Starbucks"

    She goes over there, says hi, and starts talking
    If after 15 minutes neither person feels any chemistry then the app sends each person another alert saying "You've been ditched!"
    The idea is that this way nobody wastes any time
    And if someone doesn't show up then the other person knows immediately so they don't have to wait around wasting time wondering if he/she will ever show up

    6. There could be different levels of matching possible depending on how picky someone is willing to be

    For instance, Jane might say she only wants men taller than 6'0" or with more than X amount of income or whatever she wants but will pay extra for that level of filtering
    Same with John
    This would make it easier for people who are really picky but willing to pay extra money for better results

    7. There could be premium features as well such as background checks (done by some trusted service) on potential dates so people know whether their date has been arrested or has bad debt or whatever else might be relevant info in deciding wh

    Perhaps even safety features like tracking where your date goes after the date ends so if something bad happens later you can track where they went afterwards (if you want) via GPS tracking

    8. Obviously there would be issues with privacy but I think these could be solved pretty easily if everyone was aware of what was happening before hand via clear descriptions of policies in the terms of service etc

    And I think most users would agree that it's worth giving up some privacy in order to get better results from online dating sites without wasting time meeting tons of people who aren't compatible with you

    9. The business model would basically be based on two things

    premium features
    advertising opportunities from companies wanting users to meet their employees (for instance, an oil company wanting engineers who work near Houston, Texas), etc

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