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10 things that stuck out to me while watching "38 at the Garden"

38 at the Garden is a 38 minute documentary about the unlikely rise of Jeremy Lin and "Linsanity" with its climax when Jeremy scored 38 points against Kobe's Lakers at Madison Square Garden.


    1. It's one thing for the 'world' to doubt you, but entirely another when your own teammates/people doubt you.

    There was a section where Tyson Chandling and Iman Shumpert talked about how they were skeptical what would happen with Jeremy playing... multiple times.

    "He's lost is damn mind... I love Jeremy as a person... but we're trying to win" -- when Mike D'Antoni was planning to put Jeremy in.

    "You don't think some Asian kid, that's this size is going to be dunking.... stereotypical, but it's what we're all thinking."

    "he's like a video game... he's doing things that he's not supposed to be doing." -- on Jeremy's play against the Lakers

    "I'm waiting for him to back down and his moment to be over" -- on Jeremy in the 2nd half of the game against the Lakers

    Hasan Minhaj also expressed multiple times how he had such low expectations even during the early days of Linsanity.

    "What a lucky break" -- when Jeremy scored 25 against the Nets.

    "Is this the other plot of space jam? Whose super powers did Jeremy Lin steal?" -- on Jeremy's play against the Lakers

    2. Pablo Torre's experience when he told people he worked at ESPN

    "Oh tech support?"

    Pablo was a Senior Writer at ESPN at the time and now hosts the ESPN daily podcast.

    3. Dr. Ho on the cover of TIME

    "That's an Asian parents' dream, you study your way into success and prominence. If you study hard enough, you're going to become a rockstar." -- Ronny Chieng


    That's what my parents taught me as well.

    4. It took Jeremy's mom 5 years to stop forcing him to play piano

    Thankfully, he also had a dad who was already willing to deeply support him in basketball.

    5. Jeremy had 0 college scholarship offers

    Despite being California Player of the Year and leading his high school team to be California State Champs.

    And then the classic line from Hasan about Jeremy after finishing high school despite his basketball resume, "He'll probably hard-pivot into pre-med."

    6. Security asked Jeremy for a badge when he was trying to go there early to practice

    That just stings.

    7. Jeremy slept on a couch for 6 weeks while playing for the Knicks


    8. "It's the worst job of talent evaluation that I've ever seen in my life if this kid is this good" - Kenny Smith NBA Commentator

    9. Toronto fans erupted when JL scored the game-winner against their team

    Everyone loves an underdog story.

    Also, lots of Asians in Toronto.

    10. The wave off

    "Do you know what that means? It means... I deserve to be here too... what if I had the same audacity and confidence you had? This moment... it broke the matrix for us. " - Hasan Minhaj

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