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10 things to avoid in the mornings for better productivity

    1. Screens

    Phones, tablets, laptops - just avoid them all before you complete your morning routine

    2. Heavy foods

    I like fasting but also equally enjoy eating salads in the mornings - something light and that will give me energy

    3. Too much caffeine

    I know people who drink several cups of coffee throughout the day - to each their own but for me, it doesn't help my sleep at all

    4. Distractions

    It's easy to get distracted thinking you have all the time in the world in the mornings

    5. Dehydration

    Drink lots of water in the mornings - you haven't been getting any water overnight and your body is thirsting for water

    6. Negativity

    Be positive. Think positive things. Expect positivity throughout the day and you'll get it.

    7. Confusion

    Create a plan of attack the night before. Or the week before. It's easy to follow plans, but not so easy to create them on the fly.

    8. Aimless wandering

    Your plan of attack should align with your overall goals 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year

    9. Regular clothing

    One of my hacks is to wear workout clothing and sleep in them. It removes barriers from me working out in the mornings.

    10. Hitting the snooze button

    Hitting the snooze button is another way of saying no to yourself. Get enough rest but don't snooze when life is waiting.

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