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10 Things To Be Grateful For.

I am grateful for many things today. Listing a few here:

    1. Beautiful weather

    I am so lucky to be living in beautiful California and have awesome weather

    2. Money

    Enough money in my bank account that I could quit my job and take a break for a year plus.

    3. Reasonably good health

    Grateful that I am in reasonably good health, take no medicines, and have got no diseases.

    4. Good fitness habits

    I am so thankful for doing yoga, meditation, training, breathing exercises, walking, and hiking. I was thinking of doing it for the past 20-plus years and it all happened in the past 2 years. On to doing it forever

    5. Discipline

    I have been so disciplined this year and am so thankful for that. Every day I would have regrets about not being able to do "it" again, and now, I have no regrets as I am living the disciplined life I wanted to have.

    6. Healthy family members

    Thankfully, none of my family members have any serious diseases and i am really thankful that

    7. A beautiful home

    It took a long time to find the nice place I wanted to rent, however thankful that finally I found it and it meets all my criteria

    8. Light schedule

    I am so thankful that I got to take this career break and am busy doing things I want to do- vs overworking daily, evenings, weekends et all

    9. Writing

    I am grateful that I finally started writing about two years back and am continuing with it off and on. I studied in a Hindi medium school in India, English is my second language, and I avoided writing till a few years ago. Now, I enjoy writing, whether on @NotePD or any posts or anything on my private Facebook group et al. Long way to go and improve my writing, though so glad that now I enjoy it and not dread it.

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