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10 Things To Be Grateful For.

    1. My wife. She loves me in spite of my insufficiencies. She supports me when I'm on Cloud 9, and when I am confused.

    2. My family. Our 2 Sons, their children, and John's Grandson, Xander. They each added joy and comfort to us over the years.

    3. My health Even though my aging body isn't as robust as it once was, I am healthy. I don't have diabetes, heart trouble, or cancer.

    4. Our financial situation We have a big pile of money. We have rental properties that contribute to our cash flow and lifestyle. We have a fine farmlette where we can enjoy gardening, walking the dogs, and sitting on the deck.

    5. Our Amazon business. Such a simple business model. We can do business from anywhere.

    6. Our dogs. They are faithful. They comfort me. I care for them.

    7. Our motorhome. We can travel most anywhere in the US and Canada. It is large and comfortable.

    8. Our farm Our farmhouse is remodeled the way we like it. It is spacious and comfortable.

    9. My pickup truck My little Ford Ranger is 30 years old. It has never had any major troubles. I'll own it another 20-15 more years - the way a vehicle should be owned.

    10. That we can choose how we live our life.

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