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10 Things to do during my Family Event Experiment

I am the odd duck in my family. I don't have a household income of over $200k. I don't do small talk well and I am not very fashionable and I am not naturally blonde. It's like the Cinderella but in reverse. We have a family event today in 1 1/2 hours. I am thinking of it as an experiment today. Here are some things I will do..

    1. I dressed up.

    No matter what I wear to any event involved with my family.. it's always wrong. They say neutral and I wear black when I was suppose to wear khaki. I show up at some sort of shower and all the women are wearing beige or pink. I am wearing red or black. I bought this amazing dress at The Peacock Room in Detroit. If I made 200k a year and lived in Michigan.. I would live in Detroit and shop only at The Peacock Room. It's a purple 1930s kind of swing style dress with medium sized white polka dots. The party is at 5pm. I am sure I am wearing the wrong thing. I have no idea what the right thing is.. So I am just going to dress to be happy.

    2. I am going to mingle.

    My mingle topics: Eating weird foods in Scandinavia, Teaching in Hazel Park ("omg its such an up and coming neigborhood."), The Peacock Room, My next big trip..maybe Nova Scotia for my friends wedding. Omg this is so hard. I am shooting for 10. Matt Nathanson Concert, next country I want to teach in, working in Royal Oak at Lilys ( will I stay or will I go?), Living situation (stay or go), Arts Beats and Eats and book I am reading about Marjorie Post (no one will care.

    3. Ask Questions

    Enough about me. My job is to listen. 1. ask my step sister how cancer treatment and being 4 months pregnant is going, 2. School year with the kids, 3.How the actual wedding was that we are post celebrating, 4. my brothers new job, 5. talk to the older kids about college, 6.ask where the wedding dress came from, 7. new stuff going on in autism at MSU (step bro in law created the department), 8. my sisters artwork, 9. ancestry.. we went to scandinavia because of ancestry ( I am sure it will come up). 10. interesting shows or books people are reading

    4. Drink Water or Caffeine

    No alcohol for me. It will just make me grouchy after an hour.

    5. Smile.

    I am working out a lot of issues with my family set up in therapy. It makes me sad to be around the step family. I will listen to good music on the way there and be happy. My dad is also dying so I just got to try really hard.

    6. Not complain about all the pictures

    All the women will want to take a ton of pictures. I will just smile and be in them. I won't roll my eyes.

    7. Talk to someone new

    I will try and talk to someone new. There are a lot of people in my step family and my own family combined. I will try and start up a random conversation with someone new.

    8. No Eye Rolling

    I find pomp annoying. I am really laid back and just like to do fun things without all of the dramatic flair. I roll my eyes when the flair comes in. I will not. I will be amused. I will see the flair as a study in human behavior.

    9. Text friends if I need to

    I will text someone who can tell me something that will cheer me up if I need to.

    10. Regain my composure in the bathroom when I need to

    No one needs to see that I am human. It's frowned upon in social interactions. Right? If I am about to have an emotion other than a positive one I will disappear for a bit.

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