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10 things to do every year

    1. Re-read your favourite books

    Your books won't change, but your perspective and what you take away from them will.

    2. Reflect on your goals

    Assess where you are, where you want to be

    3. Spend time with loved ones

    You never know how much time you have (or your loved ones have) on earth.

    4. Travel somewhere new

    When you travel somewhere new, it improves your gratitude and exposes your mind to new ideas

    5. Eat a fantastic meal

    Treat yourself - i mean more than once a year but at least have one fantastic meal that you'll look back on fondly

    6. Re-balance your portfolio

    Depending on your finances, goals, make sure your portfolio is working for you.

    7. Check anything you pay for annually

    Insurance, mobile plans, internet plans, TV plans - re-negotiate if you can

    8. Get a medical check-up

    Not particularly relevant if you're young but as you get older, it's good to get a clean bill of health

    9. Do something new you've never done before

    The best way to stay young is to learn something new. Learn how to cook a dish. Learn a new language. Learn a new sport.

    10. Be grateful for what you have

    Lots of people have a lot less than you do. Consider that before you want more.

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