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10 things to do if you find you are stagnating (staying in the same spot) in your career

    1. Ask your boss what's going on, why and how to get to the next level

    Maybe your boss knows, maybe your boss doesn't.

    2. Explore lateral opportunities with your company

    Lateral moves aren't always bad, especially if they can break you out of your 'brand' you've built so far

    3. Go back to school

    Maybe a certificate or credential will help you break through

    4. Find difficult problems to solve

    One individual I know found a very thorny problem to solve, and when the organisation re-orged so that the problem could be solved, that individual got the role.

    5. Jump to another company

    6. Ask a mentor

    Sometimes, an outside view helps

    7. Solicit the services of recruitment companies

    They may not always give you the best opportunities, but it's good to get out there, update your resume, apply to jobs and get the repetitions in

    8. Start your own business

    So you are in a dead-end job with nowhere to go. That's okay, you can spend less time on your job (while getting the work done) and spending the time instead on another business.

    9. Identify other jobs where you have an overlapping skillset

    Apply and work those jobs instead.

    10. Quit and force yourself to change

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