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10 things to do if you hate your job

    1. Find an aspect of your job that you do like

    It could be writing emails, developing presentations, or discussing strategy with your peers. Do more of the things you like.

    2. Update your resume and begin looking for other jobs

    3. Talk to your boss to see if you could work remotely or work part time

    Use the extra time to work on a side hustle

    4. Use your evenings, weekends, early mornings to work on a side hustle

    Work hard enough until your side income replaces your day job then quit

    5. Go back to school

    See if your current employer will pay for it. Use school as an opportunity to level up your skills and change jobs.

    6. Figure out how much money you need to 'retire'. Reduce your expenses. Live on rice and beans. Don't buy anything you don't need. Maybe you don't even need to work.

    7. Find coworkers with similar interests. Band together. Start a new company.

    8. Identify your under-utilized strengths. Go to upwork or other sites and freelance on the side.

    9. Do your side hustle until you get fired. Use your severance as a way to give yourself a deadline to get going on your side hustle.

    10. Find ways to use your current income to build passive income. Build assets.

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