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10 things to do if you want to drastically improve your career

    1. Build your network

    Have coffees with people above you, outside of your industry, anyone who is willing to talk to you

    2. Get relevant certifications and degrees

    3. Build your skills

    It's not enough to take courses or training, you have to apply it and show that you have used the skill

    4. Learn to self-promote

    It feels weird but it's a necessary skill to have to play the game

    5. Find a great boss or leader and follow them

    My experience working professionally is that great people move up together. Find someone rising quickly in your company, help them succeed and you'll find yourself moving up with them.

    6. Don't overlook lateral moves

    In rock climbing, sometimes the path you have doesn't work so you need to move to another path. It's the same with careers - sometimes to get unstuck, you need to make a move (laterally, for a lower position, etc.) - short-term pain for long-term benefit.

    7. Keep looking at job postings

    You'll learn what you need for the positions you want

    8. Only apply to jobs you aren't qualified for

    9. Lower your expenses and buy assets

    The more you don't have to rely on money, the more freedom you have to choose the job you want (and not the job you need)

    10. Learn when its 'good enough'

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