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10 Things to do in the country

I will be at my sisters dog sitting this weekend. I am excited. I am not working my other job and it's like a retreat. She is on 36 acres, has a pool and it's like a martha stewart setting.

    1. Walk the dogs

    I finally get to meet Freddy. He is the newish pup. He is a blonde bernedoodle. He looks so cute and fluffy from the pictures. There is also Dexter. Dexter is like an old man in a fluffy doggy body. He is also a bernedoodle. I am ready for some snuggles. I haven't been snuggled by something smaller than me since last Thursday! I love snuggles.

    2. Hang out with friends.

    I invited my friend to bring her two kids to go swimming. So much fun!

    3. Go to the Apothecary

    There is an Apothecary and my sister got me a gift card for there. I am so excited about that. Last thing I bought was really tasty ACV.

    4. Walk around

    My gym isn't close by but there are trails. I can walk around and take in nature.

    5. Try out some new Tarot Spreads

    I don't know what it is about a big decision to be made. But my cards have been spot on this week. Maybe it's because I am journaling and actually have the time to care. They pretty much predict exactly what has happened each day. It was all success, moving forward, more money and logic. Today I got the Devil. It basically said I was just going to be irritated. lol. Every road near me is being paved today or construction is happening. Totes annoyed.

    6. Watch regular tv

    There is something kind of magical about regular tv. You don't get to pick what you watch. You have a limited selection. There is magic in that limit. Then you have to watch the commercials. Or you can run and get things done during those commercials. It will be nice!

    7. Weeding

    I gave up my shifts at work this weekend. My sister lives like 45 minutes away. I asked her if I could help her do anything to make up the extra money. She said weeding. I am on it. I can binge listen to podcasts and weed.

    8. Binge Podcasting

    I guess it can fall into weeding. I love to be in quiet doing something mindless and just binge listening to podcasts. Send me your favorite James Altucher shows recently. I just started listening again. There have been some really good ones.

    9. Cook

    My sister has a viking stove. That thing can cook. Maybe I will cook some things.

    10. Dream up and draw out my wedding

    I want to get married at my sister's house. I am not really a country girl but this place is gorgeous. Maybe if I detail it out the groom will find me. :)

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