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10 Things to Do When Your Work Gets Stale

And it does from time to time. You have to keep refreshing it.

10 Things to Do When Your Work Gets Stale

    1. 10 Ideas a Day

    2. 10 Experiments a Quarter (or month, but I have time for about 10 per 90 days)

    3. Play More Games

    Liminal spaces and spontaneous brain activity within the constraints of rules spurs incredible thought growth and new ideas and perspectives.

    4. Talk to Your Colleagues

    They know what you're talking about and sometimes you just have to hear new angles.

    5. Prioritize Building Things You Love Building

    It's possible you stopped paying attention to those things you really love to make and you focused too much on other stuff for a while.

    6. Stop Working

    Don't force yourself to do work that's getting old and grindy. You should take time to find new work opportunities or cultivate those luck inflection points you built up through idea lists and talking to people.

    7. Get Out to More Community Events (or join a community)

    My fitness community is a huge source of energy and potential. What's yours?

    8. Join and Participate in Discord Servers

    The modern equivalent of underground communities filled with people who are looking to connect on almost any topic in the entire universe.

    9. Don't Look at Reddit

    It's kind of a disaster these days. Not a ton of inspiration or thought provocation going on there.

    10. Disagree With Someone

    Just today I disagreed with someone and challenged them to push farther into discomfort and when they leaned into it, we came up with a great concept together for their product. Sometimes people get too comfortable and steady in their thinking. Just shake the box a little.

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