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10 things to look for when outsourcing your work to others

I've never personally done this but am considering it soon

    1. Price. Don't pay more than the earnings they bring in

    2. Reliable

    Really hard to judge this unless you already worked with them & have a sense of it. Will they finish things on time? Do they get sick often? Are they motivated to do your work?

    3. Skills that fit the tasks

    4. Clear communication

    If they can't communicate clearly to YOU, it's a recipe for disappointment. We all have different languages

    5. Not too busy

    If you're one of many clients, their work for u is less valuable to them and will reflect in the quality

    6. Proactive

    If they proactively communicate before you think of things to ask them, then maybe it's a good sign that it will continue. But too much is also bad: you don't wanna do too much handholding that drains away your own time

    7. Timezone

    8. Native language

    Americans don't think of these last 2 much but for online work, it matters more than u think. You don't want someone texting you at 2am speaking a whole different version of English

    9. Grateful

    Makes your day nicer if they're genuinely thankful for the opportunity and not just sucking up

    10. Trustworthy

    Honest assessment of what they can do is an excellent skill. It's "over promise and over delivery". Under promising is dishonest

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