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Bill Bergeman


10 Things To Not Center Your Life Around (but far too many people do anyhow)

    1. Television.

    I recently observed someone who centers their day around local television programming, national news broadcasts, and streaming movies. In between, the person eats and runs errands. Television ends up filling most of this person’s life and informing the majority of this person's perspectives. Would you like to live a life like that?

    2. Bitterness.

    You can place your energy and focus on what went wrong, or you can place them on what you can do to change.

    3. What kind of X you have.

    Is it worth ruminating over what kind of car, house, haircut, or jeans you have?

    4. Mainstream media.

    Ask yourself: How does the latest political scandal, murder, or other negative occurrences have any bearing on your life?

    5. Social media.

    No one is being fully honest on social media. So why are you centering your life around falsehoods?

    6. Gossip.

    When you gossip, you are demeaning one person for the short-term benefit of establishing a connection with another person (oxytocin). Is it worth it?

    7. Alcohol.

    If you can’t relax or have a good time without poisoning your body and guaranteeing you’ll wake up to a shitty day tomorrow, what does that say about you and your decisions?

    8. The past.

    Considering how to do better in the future based on what you did in the past is healthy. Obsessing over something you did or did not do with no plan to change is wasteful.

    9. The future.

    Planning is important. Hope is important. But overplanning will inflate expectations and restrict you from living in the present.

    10. Revenge.

    Any fleeting moment of satisfaction by getting someone back will be later filled by a lifetime of regret.

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