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Bill Bergeman


10 Things to Not Do When Considering a Business or Career Path

    1. Chasing a job or starting a business solely because of its perceived status.

    2. Accepting a job just because it has an impressive job title.

    3. Accepting more responsibility when you don't actually want it.

    4. Doing it only for the money.

    5. Starting a job or business without considering how you will eventually end it.

    Everything eventually comes to an end. Better to plan how you want that to look rather than it happen by circumstance - and therefore it may not end in your favor.

    6. Venturing on a path that does not allow for time or location flexibility.

    7. Venturing down a path because you like the lifestyle it provides but you do not actually like the work.

    8. Accepting a career path because someone (society, your parents, the media, etc.) said you should.

    9. Accepting a career path that does not align with your values.

    10. Starting a business that ends up owning you more than you own it.

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