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10 things to NOT do when driving a car

There's nothing to see here. I recommend that you NOT read this list because you will have wasted 1 minute of your life. Go do something useful, or get an extra minute of sleep tonight.

    1. text on your cellphone

    This is obvious, but I wonder how many people are still texting? My personal experiences indicate that LOTS of people are texting while driving.

    2. Tie your shoes

    I tried this once, but stopped quickly because I realized it was potentially a BIG mistake

    3. Change driver while moving

    I had a college girlfriend who was driving me around her home state (which begins with an F and ends in lorida). She wanted me to drive. I said sure, just pull over. She insisted that we switch while moving. I said no, and for the rest of the day she was angry at me for not switching. I know she is still alive (fortunately) but I can't help but wonder what could have happened if I gave in to that terrible idea.

    4. Allow a passenger to re-position the rear view mirror

    Have you seen Seinfeld?

    5. Put on makeup

    I've never DONE this, but I have seen some very bad drivers doing it!

    6. Honk at someone for "taking your position" in traffic

    Shit happens, get over it. Road rage is incredibly useless. 2 people in my area were killed recently from road rage, including an anti-Asian hate crime. Just awful.

    7. Eat a hamburger while driving to a business meeting

    That's just asking for trouble, sure way to leave a ketchup spot on your dress shirt!

    8. Pass cars on the shoulder because your exit is only 2 miles ahead

    Seems obvious, but it happens.

    9. Drive full speed on a highway that ice and snow covered

    Valentines Day morning. Four hours in a traffic jam on the PA turnpike. There was an unexpected snowfall overnight, and NO plows or salt trucks were out on the roads. I reduced my speed to 25 MPH. But others thought they were good enough drivers to outmaneuver mother nature. At full speed. NOPE.

    As soon as I passed the last exit before my exit, everything just stopped. The exit was about 7 miles in front of me. Fire and rescue crews started walking through the traffic about 45 minutes later asking if everyone was ok. Luckily the pregnant woman in the car in front of me was fine, but I pointed her out to the crews to keep an eye on.

    I think they said 100 cars were involved in the pileup. I was interviewed on KYW (my 5 minutes of fame). Then they said we were able to turn around and exit through an emergency use only gate on the side of the road. It only took 4 hours for them to figure that out!

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