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10 things to re-think today

    1. Your to do list

    There are likely things on your to-do list that you don't need to do. Delete it. Delegate it. Defer it.

    2. Your beliefs

    Whenever you find yourself saying "I'm not..." or "I can't because", catch yourself and reflect on why you believe this.

    3. Your job

    Are you really happy? Could you get a better job if you applied yourself?

    4. Your social media habits

    Will watching videos on TikTok or scrolling through pictures on IG help you with your goals?

    5. What you eat

    Think of your body like a machine. Do you give the machine the best fuel it can possibly use or do you throw junk at it and expect it to perform perfectly?

    6. Your negative thoughts

    Don't complain. Don't be negative. Don't spread rumours or gossip. Instead, listen to others do this and let it pass by you.

    7. How much sitting you do

    Do you sit at your desk all day only getting up if you need to eat or pee? You're probably sitting too much.

    8. Screen time

    Are you addicted to your screen? Does your phone control your life?

    9. Eating or drinking too much of something

    I love tea, but every so often, I want to make sure I'm not addicted to the caffeine so I'll have something different - herbal teas, water, hot chocolate, milk.

    10. Your spending habits

    A useful exercise for me: tracking all of my expenses and then examining them. What am I paying a lot of money for? Where is the majority of my money going?

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