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10 things we can work on

    1. Littering

    Is it really that hard to pick up after yourself? Or hold onto your trash until you find a bin to throw it in?

    2. Homelessness

    On the West Coast of the US, it's really amazing how many people are set up in camps and/or living on the street. If they are addicted to drugs, we need to do a better job of getting them off the street and getting them help. If they are down on their luck, we can do a better job of helping them get proper shelter and work.

    3. Stealing

    What is wrong with the laws in California that allow you to steal things up to 1000 USD or whatever? Who came up with this idea and why is it still in place?

    4. Stealing

    Even worse, I know a few guys who committed securities fraud. They pumped and dumped a stock, were caught, and paid a small (to them) fine. They can no longer trade securities, but I'm sure there is a workaround here. Oh, and this was the only time they got caught, ripped off people for millions of dollars and their fine isn't close to what they 'stole.' How are these people not put away for longer?

    5. Lobbying

    How is this legal? Large corporations have lobbyists that live in Washington and essentially bribe politicians? Is this partly why it's so absurdly expensive to live in the DC area?

    6. Britney Griner

    Stuck in a Russian prison for 9 years. Unless the US and Russia can swap her for an arms dealer?

    7. People in jail for marijuana use

    Seriously? Still? I read recently that about 40% of drug arrests are marijuana-related. It's absolutely less harmful than alcohol and prescription drugs.

    8. More political parties

    Forward party sounds interesting. I like Andrew Yang and his ideas. But, he's not charismatic and politics is often a popularity or likeability contest.

    9. Hypocrisy

    Basically, everyone I know uses an iPhone. Which was manufactured in China in basically a sweatshop. Every athlete or person who wears Nike, same thing. Don't like LIV golf tour because of Saudi Arabia? Joe Biden goes to MBS and bends the knee. Epstein victims have Maxwell put in jail for years, but we don't know the men who abused them?

    10. Wealth Inequality

    I really think our governments and corporations get us distracted with weird things like Woke and Q Anon ideas while they never raise wages, inflate asset prices, and skyrocketing costs of healthcare and education. And we continue to support these companies who have colluded to suppress wages (Google, Microsoft, etc) and continue to elect the same government officials.

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