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10 things where it's handy to have a spare

    1. Charging cables for your phone

    Leave one in your kitchen and the other one in your backpack

    2. Power banks

    You can bring one along with you while you charge the other one at home

    3. Charging cable for your laptop

    It's easier to leave your charging cable at your desk and if you need to take one with you, you can bring it along in your backpack

    4. Eyeglass cloths

    Heck, I like having multiple eyeglass cloths so I don't need to scramble to find one when my glasses get dirty

    5. Books

    Hugh Jackman and his wife buy two copies of every book they want to read so they can read together

    6. Keys

    You never know when you'll lose one

    7. Credit cards

    In case one credit card gets maxed out

    8. Water bottles

    Again, handy to have multiple so you aren't refilling it all the time

    9. Spare change of clothes

    You aren't always going to need it but I do find it reassuring to have a spare change of clothes just in case something happens

    10. Glasses

    I'll tell you the most annoying thing is to have your glasses break, but not break completely - especially when you're away from your home (say on an international trip)

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