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10 Things You Have Learned In The Past 5 Years

Needed this prompt today to get my idea machine out of neutral.

    1. Growth mindset

    For the majority of my (longish) adult life, I have definitely operated with a family-induced fixed mindset. Either I was good at something or I wasn't and that was never going to change. Carol Dweck's book was a game-changer for me. So much more empowering!

    2. Perfectionism is a prison.

    A close relative of the fixed mindset. Corollaries include: don't embarrass yourself by trying something you suck at, your worth is tied to your competence in anything you attempt.

    3. Failure is not fatal

    While it isn't optimal to seek out failure intentionally, embracing the idea that there is rarely improvement in any activity without failure and sucking. Continuing the them of nos. 1 and 2 above.

    4. Take responsibility

    Being accountable is empowering. Most importantly, be accountable to yourself.

    5. Don't seek to make money for money's sake: obtain compensation from adding value.

    The greater the value for the greater the number of beneficiaries, the greater the compensation you are entitled to.

    6. Don't be an asshole

    Seeking only to help yourself keeps you stuck and isolated. True joy comes from unconditional generosity.

    7. Don't expect other people to know and solve your problems.

    Only you can make your life worthwhile and meaningful, which means identifying and working on your problems. It's ok to get help, but don't look to outsource your agency in dealing with areas of emotional pain.

    8. Don't drink

    At least for me, the benefits are completely outweighed by the consequences.fffff

    9. Emotional intelligence is a critical component of a good life.

    Been reading the Chimp Paradox lately and I like the model. Basically, Chimp is hardwired limbic responses and the human response is the more deliberative, intentional self, more in line with the prefrontal cortex. Knowing how to harmonize both modes is powerful.

    10. The obstacle is the way - h/t to Ryan Holiday and Marcus Aurelius

    The very problem your most resent is exactly the opportunity you need to achieve growth and move forward.

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