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10 things you might find on a dairy farm

I've been at a local farm this afternoon spending time with the animals. Hence this list!

10 things you might find on a dairy farm

    1. Cows

    350 head of cattle on the farm I visited today. 

    2. Bulls

    Some very chunky bulls. Very big animals. 

    3. Machinery

    Lots of tractors. But every other piece of farming machinery too. This farm grows food for the cows so need all the kit.

    4. Farm dog

    This one wasn't very friendly but left me alone. After being less than welcoming I didn't see it again. I'm sure we'll be friends soon. 

    5. Food processor

    The food for the cows is processed on site. It has to be crushed otherwise it passes straight through the animals. 

    6. Farm house

    The archetypal farm building. 

    7. Barns

    Lots of different barns. One for the newborns. One for the bulls. One for the dairy cows. Another for the dry cows. A maternity ward. One for the teenagers. Plus a hay barn. And shed for all the machinery. 

    8. Mud … and other stuff!

    You definitely need wellies. 

    9. Milk tanker

    This farm sells its milk. My idea of perfection would be a local milkbot. But I don't think that's on the cards.

    10. Milking parlour

    I didn't go in the milk parlour today. The milk tanker came and I didn't want to disturb the cows. They listen to classical music. 

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