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10 Things You Must Know About... Preventing Heart Attacks This Year (With This Recently-Discovered Nutrient!)

This could save your life. Or the life of someone you know.


I've been spending a lot of time studying about this recently-discovered vitamin. Actually, it was discovered a couple decades back. But for various reasons, they thought it was some other nutrient, and the studies got swept under the rug unfortunately.

I say unfortunately because...

If you take calcium supplements, or milk, or cheese, or fortified orange juice, or any other type of food that contains lots of calcium on a regular basis... but...

... you're low in this essential vitamin, then...

... instead of sending that calcium into your bones and teeth where it should be used...

... your body will start storing the calcium in places like your arteries (leading to calcification and heart attacks), soft tissue (like around your face leading to wrinkles and fine lines), and more!

And what's worse:

Your bones and teeth will get weaker and weaker over time, because they're not getting the calcium they need. You'll get shorter. You'll get cavities. You'll age faster, and look older. You'll get blood sugar issues. And you'll have a lot less energy than you should have.


The name of this vitamin is Vitamin K2 (not to be confused with Vitamin K1).

And here are some interesting little tidbits about it that could help save your heart (and other organs):

    1. Signs that you're really deficient in Vitamin K2 include:

    Wrinkles, weak bones, arthritis, osteoporosis, calcification of the arteries, varicose veins, crooked or crowded teeth, cavities, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

    2. The food that gives you the most Vitamin K2 (by far) is Japanese Natto.

    Which means that almost everyone is deficient. Because most people have never even heard of Japanese Natto.

    There are other foods that contain small amounts of K2. Like butter, certain cheeses, and cream. But the caveat is that the animals must be raised on fast-growing green grass (not grain-fed like most cattle today are) for their dairy to contain K2. And then dairy must not be "so over-processed" that all the K2 has been stripped out.

    But even then, the amount of K2 in dairy is far less than that in Natto.

    3. Your body can convert Vitamin K1 to Vitamin K2.

    Vitamin K1 comes mostly from fresh leafy green vegetables by the way. Which people are eating less and less of. And your body can convert K1 to K2.

    But it needs your gut to have a strong variety of friendly bacteria to do it. And because of how everything is sterilized and sanitized these days, as well as how people keep eating processed foods as staples instead of fresh raw foods... along with the poor growing conditions of produce... most people living in developed countries lack enough of the vital bacteria they need in their bodies to do so!

    This can be built back up, but it takes time and effort...

    4. The more wrinkles you have, the more likely you are to have really weak bones and teeth.

    Since both of these are related to the amount of K2 you're consuming, this is what studies have shown.

    By the way, another interesting fact:

    The more K2 you have in your body, the less enamel-dissolving bacteria you'll have in your mouth! This means that... even if you don't brush your teeth, floss, use mouthwash, or basically... just have... atrocious dental hygiene habits... with enough K2 in your system you'll still have better gums and teeth than the most OCD dentist in the world who doesn't!

    5. If you're supplementing on K2, it needs to be oil-based to be absorbed properly.

    Because Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin.

    I've tried most of them. Oil-based seems to work best.

    6. It is also best paired with Vitamin D.

    In simple terms, Vitamin D takes calcium from the food you eat and puts it into your bloodstream. The more Vitamin D and Calcium you supplement, the more calcium in your bloodstream. However, without Vitamin K2, the calcium stays in your bloodstream and ends up calcifying your arteries. That's one reason why, they need to go together.

    7. Hemorrhoids are another sign you're really low on K2.

    Apparently, hemorrhoids can be considered a type of varicose veins. Both of which are signs of K2 deficiency. Get enough K2, and both the problems quickly start to improve.

    8. Mental issues like Alzheimer's are also a sign of K2 deficiency.

    Because the brain is one of the biggest organ storehouses of K2.

    9. Diabetes and blood sugar issues are also related to K2 deficiency.

    Other than the brain, another huge organ storehouse of K2 is the pancreas. Which directly affects your insulin sensitivity.

    10. Doctors and governments have been pushing calcium supplementation and fortification for decades without knowing anything about Vitamin K2!

    Calcium without Vitamin K2 means that the calcium is being put into your arteries and soft tissue instead of your bones and teeth. Which also means that... they have unintentionally been causing a massive increase in the number of heart attack and bone fracture deaths throughout the world!

    Well... this is also why you shouldn't be too reliant on scientists, doctors, governments, or any other "experts" for advice.

    The truth is:

    No matter how many new scientific discoveries we make, and no matter how many millenia pass, what we know will always pale in comparison to... all there is to know about the intricate "systems" designed by God and Nature. Everything is connected in ways we might never understand. And to assume otherwise leads to fiascoes and mass unintended deaths like what we see here...

    The best thing you can do?

    Eat as close to nature as possible. And let your animals eat as close to nature as possible too. Eat a rich and varied diet full of whole foods, with raw, fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Even if you supplement.

    While supplementation can be helpful, relying on supplementation blindly and solely will cause huge issues. Because there's still so much we haven't discovered yet (and so much we'll never, ever discover)!

    If you found this idea list helpful, do me a favor and share it with your family and friends.

    Why do I ask this?

    Well, other than the obvious reason that it could help people you know...

    ... I'd really like it if Japanese Natto could become a mainstream food throughout the world... just like sushi did! I'm sure when that day comes, we'll see a huge surge in the health and longevity of our fellow man...

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