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Nicola Fisher


10 Things You Will Not Tolerate in 2023

    1. Social Media

    I've pretty much signed off from social media. Instagram is still hanging by a thread. With no doom scrolling, I make more time to do something creative.

    2. Over working

    This includes work but also what we commit ourselves to. We need to say No more often.

    3. A lack of creativity

    This links with 2) - I want to make time for the things I love and want to do.

    4. Bad coffee

    5. Missing out on things I want to do

    Often I put duty and responsibility ahead of things I really want to do. I miss opportunities or one off events because I do that.

    6. Putting stuff off

    I've put off writing, taking photographs, working on my book, often because of some of the above. I need to make time for things I enjoy.

    7. Being less than

    8. Overwhelm

    9. Working 7 day weeks

    10. Not making the most of where we live

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