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10 things you’ve had and used the longest

A list like this begs for photos but you won't get any from me because I'm not at home but all my stuff is.

    1. My hunting ball cap.

    My dad gave it to me prior to our first hunting season together 40 yrs ago. It is a simple orange ball cap, but I still have it and still wear it at least a few times every season.

    2. Winchester Model 290 .22lr rifle

    Had this for a few years before I got the hat. I rarely hunt with it, but it is my favorite .22lr rifle to take to the range.

    3. Mossberg 185D 20ga shotgun

    This is the first firearm I ever took hunting. It was old when I got it and is much older now. I would never sell it. Although I own several others it is still the shotgun I trust the most and use the most often.

    4. Schrade sheath knife / hatchet combo

    Another heirloom from my youth that I still use often. The hatchet is too light for serious use but just right for packing or in the canoe. The original leather sheath has long since rotted away but cardboard and duct tape sheaths have held up for quite a few years now. The cheap 440A stainless steel of knife has long since blackened and the blade has been somewhat reprofiled from decades of using and re-sharpening. Still takes an edge easily. And gives it up even easier it seems. I have had dozens of knives pass through my hands, but few have decided that they like staying with me.

    5. Grain & Hardware square wooden yardstick

    Never seen another like it. This yardstick is a painted and lacquered square dowel with measurements on two sides and advertising on the other two. It also has a leather lanyard at one end. I picked it up as a kid at the county fair. The hardware store was handing them out as what today we would call swag. I've used that old stick for everything. I've even measured things with it from time to time.

    6. Travel backgammon set

    I don't remember what year but again as a young'un I was gifted a travel backgammon set from one of my cousins. Faux leather covers and felt board. Polished plastic (feels like Bakelite but I don't think so) stones with magnetic backing. Dice cups and doubling cube included. It's traveled all over the world with me. I've taught both of my kids to play using it. Other than the metal clasp being broke off long ago, it shows almost no signs of use.

    7. Marlin Model 30AS .30-30 rifle

    My first and until 10 years ago my only centerfire rifle. Bought new in 1982. It has traveled and harvested game both locally and abroad. I now have other choices but if I'm hunting medium game in dense cover, it is still my first choice.

    8. Cheap polyhedral dice from the 80s.

    I have a thing for dice. And I have a thing for role-playing games. The two seem to go together. Over the years I've gathered lots of dice of all shape, manner, and material. But I still have and use some of the first dice I ever got. I should retire at least my icosahedron (20-sided) die as it is made of cheap plastic and by now is almost round. But it feels good in the hand and I it likes me.

    Yes. I've had dice that hate me. They live in the bottom of a box somewhere. They are serving life sentences without parole.

    If you are interested in another way to use polyhedral (D&D) dice, you may want to check out my premium list which includes an original game: NotePD | Dice 'Em Up

    9. Folding Sterno Stove

    Over the years I've modified it to use Sterno, alcohol stoves, Esbit tabs, or natural materials. I think originally it was orange but couldn't say for sure now. Currently it lives in my SAR pack for heating up drinks when on call outs.

    10. Sportspal canoe

    With this one I'm cheating just a little bit. My dad bought it the year before I was born. We paddled and portaged that little boat many a mile. Even as a young teen, it was light enough for me to carry by myself. Although we did own other boats over the years, neither he then nor I now have ever seen the need for another canoe. It does what we ask of it and I have probably asked too much a time or two. It has never complained.

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