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10 things you’ve had and used the longest

    1. Black Frankenstein guitar: 40 years

    Heavily modified: currently a fretless neck. Peavey T-40 body and pickups are still original 

    2. Honda odyssey van 16 years

    Works great 250k miles 

    3. Mikasa plates and silverware 28 years

    4. Orange 6 in 1 screwdriver approx 30 years

    I have many of these but this is a work horse

    5. Letterman style jacket with leather arms and button up: still looks great and used on cold days: 28 years

    6. Pedulla bass guitar 30 years

    In the process of refinishing it right now. Bought it for $500, was probably worth $5000. I modified it with a whammy bar, not realizing what I had so it has no retail value anymore 

    7. Desk 25 years

    Bought at a thrift shop for $50. Used daily. Real wood construction, 2 pull out writing panels

    8. MacBook Pro from 2012 11 years

    For a computer this is very old. Using it today to rip dvds.

    9. Hand saw 30 years

    Just used yesterday to cut a branch. The saw is probably closer to 60 years old.

    10. Superman winter hat with Pom Pom 45 years

    It must be made out of kryptonite: still looks brand new and worn regularly.

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