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10 Thoughts On Building "Flywheel" Systems In Your Business

    1. For each part of the flywheel, focus on the 80/20... the 20% of things that provide 80% of the results.

    2. Each part of the flywheel must gain momentum from the previous part.

    3. This is especially true for the final part in the flywheel, as it should create momentum for the first part once it goes through the loop.

    4. If the final part does not connect and push the first part, it is not a flywheel. It's just a normal system.

    5. 3 to 5 stages for each flywheel should be ideal, granted that most people can only process 3 to 7 bits of information at a time.

    6. Ideally, each stage of the flywheel should be made as enjoyable as possible.

    7. Each of the 3-5 stages of the flywheel can be further broken down into another 3-5 parts, focusing on the 80/20 again.

    8. If possible, make each stage of the flywheel itself a "mini-flywheel" within the flywheel to create even more momentum.

    9. The flywheel should focus on implementation in "one-piece flow" instead of "batch work".

    10. Delete unnecessary steps in the flywheel first, before you decide to automate or delegate. There's no point in automating or delegating unnecessary steps.

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