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10 thoughts on how AI will be used to teach humans and what the problems are

10 thoughts on how AI will be used to teach humans and what the problems are

    1. AI is great for getting better at code

    I was working with it earlier today and I learned a number of clever ways to rename files from the command line. When things were wrong it correctly told me how to fix it

    2. Having access to AI to write things for me makes me reliant on it

    I don't even try to spell correctly anymore. Like someone that uses a calculator to add two numbers together I am losing basic skills.

    3. AI grammar correction helps me learn but also makes my writing more like a robot unless I am careful

    4. AI historic summaries could end up like Idiocracy

    Where Hitler is in with the dinosaurs. It would seem correct!

    5. The only way to check whether AI is correct is to use a different AI to research.

    6. Humans will have to create new things consistently. AI can only tell us about the past at this time.

    7. For highly structured things like mathematics or computer code AI can be great.

    8. Factual correctness will become like a currency in the future.

    Bad actors, using artificial intelligence to create text, audio, and video are already starting to pollute the Internet with artificially generated text. Some of this text is correct, and some of it is not. Determining what is true and what isn't true will be a big problem.

    9. Summarizing information is a great use of AI.

    Artificial intelligence can make excellent summaries for things that have been studied and written about extensively, like World War I. AI can be asked to give summaries from different perspectives. Again, we have a problem with truth, because current versions of artificial intelligence are not sentient and they don't know whether the words that they are producing are true or not. When artificial intelligence becomes sentient, we cannot trust that either because it may choose to lie to us on purpose.

    10. In the same way that kids today do not have to learn how to format writing on a mechanical, typewriter or learn cursive, other basic skills will the longer be taught.

    In my area, cursive handwriting has not been taught in elementary school for decades. When my children receive a letter written in cursive from their grandmother, they cannot read it.

    Many other skills will potentially be lost.

    When somebody can learn to write code using artificial intelligence as a tool, they may never learn how to type and format code on their own. People that have experience writing code will become rarer. For certain problem solving these older developers will still have a job. Similar to the way that somebody that understands Fortran or COBOL can work on the remaining systems like the airline reservation system for decades.

    I don't know if this would be a problem or not. I would be pretty helpless if I had to suddenly start farming, but at this time I can go to the store and buy food already farmed for me.

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