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10 thoughts on how AI will be used to teach humans and what the problems are

    1. Increase comprehension

    You can learn quickly and ask the AI dozens of questions. AI is infinitely more patient than your carbon-based teacher. They can use dynamic methods: analogies, ELIM5, examples, use cases, pictures and diagrams.

    2. Adaptable teaching

    Just like in a video game, the difficulty will be scaled. Based on your ability to tackle problems

    3. Language Learning

    Language will no longer be limited to real-time translation whether you speak Chinese, German, Hebrew or Swahili

    4. Cultural Framing

    Most examples and use cases are encased within Western culture. It may be harder for people who come from a different cultures to relate to standards.

    5. AI can generate novel situations to students that want an extra challenge

    6. Encouragement

    A teacher's attention is often divided and they would not always be able to give praise to every student. Some students require more encouragement than others. AI would have better bedside manner.

    7. Lifelong learning AI

    An AI could be your teacher forever with training data on all your work. You are identifying your shortcomings and strengths it can help shape your future goals and career aspirations.

    8. Addressing Learning Disabilities

    AI can provide personalized support to students with learning disabilities, offering specific tools and strategies to accommodate their unique needs.

    9. Problem: We have yet to solve the hallucination problem

    AI can give an erroneous fact with absolute confidence.

    10. Problem: Decreased socialisation

    Because students will spend more time in front of a screen, there will be less opportunity to socialize. Communication is crucial and understated skills

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