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10 Timeless Creations I Could Start That Can Continue Beyond My Lifetime

I am fascinated by the idea of creating something that continues to exist beyond my lifetime. Moreover, I think it would be incredible if it was a sort of multi-generational crowdfunded creation to which multiple people can contribute and iterate, and could be experienced over multiple decades - and possibly multiple centuries.

Who said everything we start has to be finished by us?

    1. The Forever Symphony.

    Start composing a symphony that is never complete, yet at least gets to a point of repose where it can be performed. For instance, I create the first movement, another person creates the second movement, and so on. The piece continues to get performed over centuries, with new composers adding to it over time (though it could get ridiculously lengthy to perform!).

    2. The Forever Book.

    Similar to The Forever Symphony, The Forever Book starts with my writing, then someone else picks up a chapter or more, and that continues over centuries.

    3. The Forever Math Problem.

    I supposed this already exists, considering Pi (though technically not an equation, it is part of many math formulas) and the Collatz Conjecture.

    4. The Forever Relay Race.

    Start a race that goes around the world and has no finish line. I could run the first 20 miles, and then hand off the baton to another runner, and that just continues forever.

    5. The Forever Painting.

    Find a place where I can create an enormous mural and start painting. Allow others to join in, and let it continue indefinitely.

    6. The Forever Television Show.

    Create a television show on YouTube, write a script, recruit actors, and broadcast a new episode once per month. Have the series and story continue on with other writers and actors.

    7. The Forever Radio Show.

    Same as The Forever Television Show, except make it a radio show that could be broadcast as a podcast.

    8. The Forever Play.

    Create a one-scene play and have others continually add scenes to it. Have one act performed for the public at a time.

    9. The Forever Crossword Puzzle.

    Create a never-ending crossword puzzle!

    10. The Forever Piano Sonata.

    Most sonatas are typically three movements, but there are no rules here. Compose a one-movement sonata, have it performed by a pianist, and continue composing new variations on the theme in perpetuity, with new performances of each one along the way.

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