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10 Tips For An Upcoming Job Interview

Whether it's an internal interview for a promotion or a new job; here are some tips that have helped me!

    1. Apply early in the process.

    One of the most important factors is your timing in submitting the application. The EARLIER you are (i.e. within the first few days or at least first week of the job posting), the more chances you have of scoring an interview.

    2. Can you get a referral?

    Sometimes companies will pay their employees to refer good candidates. Do you have friends who work at that company? If so, get a referral! It will help your friends...and help you!

    3. Definitely have a cover letter...and be very thoughtful about it!

    While some people think cover letters are a dying breed, I still think they are super important. As an HM, I typically throw out any applicants who don't submit one. It shows me they are not willing to go the extra mile and there's only so much I can learn about them from seeing their resume. Seeing their cover letter gives me insight into their personality.

    4. If it's a creative job, use your cover letter to showcase your personality and creativity!

    Axe too much formality. Really showcase your personality in your cover letter. Tailor it to the job; demonstrate how you would add value. Be bold, but stay humble as well. It's a delicate balance.

    5. Prepare some questions and research whoever is interviewing you if you can

    The interview is a conversation to see if you're a cultural and skill fit for the company. It's good to have a great mindset and being confident about your skills. Use the interview to determine if the company is a good cultural fit for YOU. That mental shift will give you back some power during the interview.

    6. If there's a written portion for the interview, surpass all expectations!

    Are they asking you a supplemental written question before the interview? If so, blow it out of the water! Maybe add a visual representation along with the written response. Anything to show you that you'll go above and beyond in your duties and that you're a go-getter!

    7. If you know anyone in the company, reach out to them for advice.

    This works especially well if it's an internal interview for a promotion. Do you have good relationships with other colleagues who have gotten this promotion before? If so, reach out to them; see what their experience was in the interview. They might be able to share some great information about questions asked, etc.

    8. Read relevant leaderships books beforehand if it's a management position.

    This will get you in the right mindset for the interview.

    9. Don't forget a thank you email.

    If it's a choice between you and someone else of equal or greater skill, your thank you email will set you apart if the other candidate never sent one!

    10. Research the company.

    This might be one of the most important ones. Take your time to research the company you're applying for. Have an understanding of some of their problems and how you can help solve them. Show genuine passion and excitement for their mission. HMs generally want someone that's already aligned with the company and wants to work there!

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