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10 Tips For Finding The Best Job In The World Especially For You

    1. Understand that there is no "best" job. There is only a "better" job. Look for that better job. Not for the best job.

    2. Randomly switch around between different jobs. How will you know which job is better unless you try lots of them? The more you try, the better you'll hone your "better-job-finding" senses.

    3. Hire ex-employees from the place you're looking for a job at. I mean... hire them for an afternoon... so you can interview them, and discover all the ins and outs of the place you're planning to work at!

    4. When you get hired for the job, start out being the worst you can possibly be. Because if they can't handle you at your worst, then it's probably not a good idea to work there. Being at your best all the time is way too much pressure.

    5. Look on social media for friends (or friends of friends) who know someone working where you want a job. Get someone to introduce you. Get to know them. If you don't like them, don't work there... Chances are everyone there is like them.

    6. Start with the end in mind. How long are you planning to work there? Under what circumstances would you quit? The earlier you find signs you shouldn't be working there, the faster you can find a better job.

    7. Understand your deep-seated traumas. Everyone has some form of trauma. Make a note to avoid working places or environments that could trigger that trauma in you.

    8. Visit the Kennedy Space Center and train like an astronaut for a day. If you've never tried working as an astronaut before, your perspective of what working a job means is seriously lacking, my friend...

    9. Take a train ride and travel to a far-off city you've never been to before. Try getting a job there. See how it feels. The same job can have a totally different feel depending on where it's located.

    10. Contact the company that makes Nerf guns. Ask them which companies allow nerf guns in their office (those companies usually order lots of them). A job that lets you use nerf guns in the office is likely a good job.

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