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10 tips for success with one meal a day fasting (OMAD)

    1. Get a lot of sleep

    Food feeds your brain first. If you are tired, you will suffer.

    2. Don’t eat 3 meals at once for your third meal

    You can eat a decent sized meal but if you stuff your face it kind of defeats the purpose 

    3. Drink coffee and tea

    If you are already a caffeine enthusiast, increasing your coffee and tea can help reduce your appetite 

    4. Try to eat you meal at the same time every day

    This will help you plan, and if you are having a hard time waiting you know it is only until 5 or 6 pm

    5. Depending on your goals, give yourself a break and eat something if you are having a tough day

    If you arrested doing this for weight loss it might be hard to intermittent fast every day.

    6. Before you have a full meal it can be good to start with fruit or vegetables about 20 minutes before

    If you have not eaten in 20+ hours this will taste really good! It also takes the edge off for your meal.

    7. Don’t drink your calories but drink a lot

    Plain coffee, plain tea, seltzer water. Avoid drinking  calories. Also avoid diet soda.

    8. Enjoy the food that you eat!

    Appreciate it when you eat. Food will taste better. Make it an event.

    9. Stay busy!

    It is easier to fast if you are busy. You will have plenty of energy.

    10. Plan to use the time that you normally spend on meal prep

    Go for a walk, read, or do something else instead of "lunch."

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