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10 Tips To Break 80 In A Round Of Golf

I was recently invited to play a round of golf with some friends. It's been a little while since I've played. I once broke 80 and this is how I did it.

    1. Invest in a good set of clubs

    Custom made if it’s in the budget. A golf professional can take a look at your swing and make suggestions for the kinds of clubs that would be most appropriate for you. Playing with the wrong set of clubs can wreak havoc on your score. Have nice, sturdy grips.

    2. Practice/Play with a PGA Certified Golf Professional

    Not someone that’s currently on the PGA (or LIV) Tour. Your local public golf course will be run by a PGA Certified Professional. See if you can play a round with him or her. He/she can assess your game and make suggestions on what aspects of your game you need to work on.

    3. Hit The Range

    But only after you’ve had a golf pro assess your swing and make suggestions. Pounding out bucket after bucket when you’re doing the wrong thing will only reinforce bad habits and will be counterproductive.

    Learn your distances - how far you hit a driver, how far you hit a strong/regular/weak 9 iron, a strong/regular/weak 5 iron, etc. This will come in handy when you’re on the course.

    4. Master the 100 yards and in game.

    Which means your wedges (pitching/sand/lob), chipping game around the green, and putting. The best golfers almost never miss from 100 yards and less. Tighten up your 100 yards and in game, and you will do wonders for your score.

    5. Consider leaving the driver in the bag

    If you’re having trouble keeping your tee shots on the fairway, which many amateur golfers do, consider hitting a 3 wood or long iron off the tee. Sure, you’ll sacrifice distance, but you’ll save a ton of strokes by keeping the ball on the short grass.

    6. Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

    Buy sturdy, comfortable golf shoes. And some sharp golf attire. A round of golf is the perfect place to wear clothes that you wouldn’t wear almost anywhere else.

    7. Walk Your Round (If Allowed)

    When you walk, you‘ll be getting a lot of exercise. Your mind and body will be engaged for the entire round and it’ll be easier to get into (and stay in) a flow state. When you‘re in a cart, there’s a lot of starts/stops/waiting. Walk whenever you can.

    8. Have Fun

    When you‘re enjoying yourself, you’re more resilient. It’s easier to move on from the bad breaks that you’re sure to experience during your round. When you have a bad drive, double (or triple) bogey a hole, or lip out a 3 foot putt, leave it in the past. Just move on to the next shot, the next hole, and try to put a better swing on the next ball. Instead of focusing too much on your score (a natural thing to do), or hoping for a good result on the shot/putt in front of you, just focus more on putting a better swing on the ball Every shot is an opportunity to improve.

    Too many golfers will have a blow up hole, get angry, and the rest of the round is ruined. Blow up holes happen. Accept this and move on. Golf is a mental game because the player has to control his emotions and stay calm while playing.

    9. Play a lot of golf

    There are no shortcuts on the road to breaking 80. You've just got to put in the work. I played 3 rounds a week the summer I broke 80. I still have callous on my fingers from playing so much. If you ever shake hands with a professional golfer, it'll feel like you're shaking hands with sand paper. No pain, no gain.

    10. Play with friends

    Have a golfing buddy (or buddies). Golf is a great opportunity to connect socially with the folks that you're playing with. It's always more fun when you're playing with friends. The truth though, if you're aiming to break 80, is that you're likely to be spending a lot of time alone on the course. Not many people have the skill, persistence, time, or will to ever even consider shooting a round in the 70's. So make friends with the golf pro that works at your course, the folks who run the golf shop, and your caddie if you can afford one.

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