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10 Tips To Raising A Child With Minimal Effort (Guest post)

One of the most important responsibilities you have towards your children is to raise them the right way.

The way you raise them will definitely affect who they become in the future.

You may have heard many parents say that raising children is the hardest job. However, there is a way to raise children with minimal effort:

    1. Create A Routine From The Start

    By creating a daily routine, children grow up healthy and happy. Routines help children feel safe by knowing what to expect at every time.

    I personally follow the moms on call schedule since my children were born.

    2. Do Not Over-Monitor Your Children

    Children do not like to be over-monitored. It can actually affect them negatively, and cause you stress.

    Your children should be able to make the right decisions and be able to learn from their mistakes.

    3. Do Not Compare Your Child To Other Children.

    Most parents compare their children to other children, and this is a big mistake.

    Children realize everything, and they will notice when you compare them to others. They always want to be their best selves in front of their parents.

    You need to build their confidence and self-esteem by ensuring that they are doing great.

    4. Teach Your Child Emotional Regulation

    There would be very long tantrums, and those are the worst. When you are trying to discipline your child, stay calm and recognize what emotion they are feeling.

    Tell them you know how they feel, and try to teach them to stay calm during times of stress. If your child learns to control their emotions, your life would be so much easier.

    5. Teach Your Child Emotional Regulation

    Do let your child rely on you to do everything. You need to teach your child that everyone has responsibilities.

    You could find a list of house chores suitable for each age group. Giving children responsibilities would give you time to do other things and teach them the importance of being independent and not relying on parents for everything.

    6. Don’t Be In A Hurry To Get More Children

    It is not easy to have more than one child to raise. It is possible, but difficult.

    Give each child the time and attention they deserve from you. You would have to divide your time when having more than one child to raise at a time.

    7. Spend Time With Them

    Did you know by spending time with your children you can minimize the amount of tantrums and problems your children experience.

    Sit down with your child and play with them. This will show them how worthy they are, and it will help them in the future.

    8. Build Relationships

    Building relationships is very important. You should encourage your children to make friends and accept the company of others.

    Build as many relationships as you can because social skills are very important for your children, and by developing great social skills your child would be much more independent.

    9. Accept The Help Of Others.

    The easiest way to raise your children is to accept the help of others. You may have it all under control, but everyone needs a break.

    It will also give you the ability to do things that you love doing. You need to be happy as much as you want your child to be.

    10. Let Go Sometimes.

    Raising a child is not always easy, but you could make it easier. Sometimes, situations may occur, and you may not know how to deal with it.

    Letting go is sometimes the best option. If you feel that certain problems could be ignored, then just ignore them.

    11. Conclusion

    Raising a child doesn’t need to be difficult. Just follow the above steps to raise children the right way with the least effort.

    Not everything needs attention or solving. In addition to the tips above, trust your instincts and raise your children the way you think is right.

    P:S Yay.. I hit 100 days streak with this post. So I decided to allow a feature here...thanks to all creators here and anyone that has been reading my posts.

    About the author: Halimeh Salem is the founder of cryingtoddlers.com. She loves helping moms overcome the obstacles they may face during the journeys of pregnancy and motherhood. During her free time, she loves playing with her two children, Sama and Basem.

    Full post: https://stevewinroad.com/raising-a-child-with-minimal-effort/

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