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10 Titles in my audible Library

I have about 200 titles in my library. These are the first ten that I wanted to comment on.

    1. A survival Guide for Live - Bear Grylls

    One of my favorites. Short ~5 minute chapters on various ways to win at life.

    2. 48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene

    Controversial, supposedly banned from prison libraries. Some people despise the book and others find it valuable for one reason or another. I um... found it incredibly interesting. The author has said this book is to recognize when people are using these tactics against you. If you're not trying to manipulate people and just want to learn, it will get you thinking.

    3. The 10X Mentor - Grant Cardone

    A good listen when you need a kick in the behind to get moving.

    4. $100M Offers - Alex Hormozi

    This was a pivotal book for my business. It's not hard to sell a great offer.

    5. Before Happiness - Shawn Achor

    Love this. Happiness + success manual.

    6. Rhinoceros Success

    Happy go lucky inspiration for being a rhino in life.

    7. Buy Then Build

    Haven't finished it. It's a topic I'm interested in.

    8. 438 Days

    The true story of how Salvador Alvarenga survived 14 months stranded at sea. True stories of survival are some of my favorites.

    9. The Underdog Advantage - Dean Graziosi

    A mindset shift to why you can do pretty much anything you want in life.

    10. I hear You - Michael Sorensen

    Learning to validate others is a cheat code to great relationships. I heard a therapist say it's the magic pixie dust that makes people love you. No kidding, I practiced what this book taught and instantly improved my marriage and friendships.

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