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10 things you can do in 5 minutes or less that can instantly make you feel better

    1. Put on socks fresh from the dryer

    There's something about putting on warm socks that makes me feel good

    2. Meditate

    5 minutes isn't a lot of time but clearing your head for that time can help you focus

    3. Stretches

    Try these five stretches for one minute each: jumping jacks, skier jumps, leg swings, arm circles and neck circles.

    4. Drink a glass of water

    You're likely dehydrated and since your body is a large percentage of water, drinking a glass of water helps

    5. Eat a small chocolate

    I wouldn't make it a habit but dark chocolate can be good for you

    6. Read a passage from a book you've been wanting to read

    Those 5 minutes will add up

    7. Walk outside

    I'm all for staying indoors but there's something about being one with nature that does wonders to my mental health and energy levels

    8. Put away something on your desk

    You probably have too many things on your desk so why not put one thing away?

    9. Send an email to a friend you haven't talked to in a while

    No agenda, just say hi and ask them how they're doing

    10. Take a photo of something in your area

    You can use the photo later as part of your journal or daily log.

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