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10 Types Of Games I Wanna Create (And Make Lots Of Money From)

Games. I love playing games.

As for making them... well, let's just say that's still on the backburner.

But as they say (well maybe just me), "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single idea list."

This list makes for a good start.

    1. Games that actually make boring practice fun

    If you're learning a new skill, chances are you're gonna have to practice. And practice. And practice. A lot.

    Practice is boring. For most people. Until you turn it into a game.

    2. Puzzle games (the harder the better)

    Love puzzles. Riddles. Brain benders. Loved James' podcast with AJ Jacobs.

    3. Visually appealing, artistic games

    Really admire the work of early artistic game developers like Orisinal and Samorost that focused on artistic appeal as much as gameplay.

    4. Personal twists on currently popular games

    5. Unclassic board games

    Definitely I wanna have my own.

    6. My own version of chess

    Bobby Fischer had Fischer Random Chess. I really need to make my own version of chess too.

    7. Games that focus on literally rewiring your brain

    Games can change the physical wiring of your brain.

    Highly recommend the book, "The Woman Who Changed Her Brain". It's about a woman born with 12 (I think) different learning disabilities. She created her own games that actually restructured her brain so she could live a normal life.

    Did it work? Read the book to find out...

    8. Games that help you develop great, life-changing habits

    9. Games that make boring, money-making activities (like marketing) more fun

    10. Games that improve your management skills

    So much of life is management. Money management. Relationship management. Time management. Energy management. Health management.

    But truth is... most people are terrible at one or all of them. And it's only getting worse the more complex society gets.

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