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10 Uncommon Daily Practices With Long Streaks

These are 10 from my own life. What spurred today's list was:

Yesterday I missed my NotePD streak. I may write more about this in another list.

    1. Publishing one blog post.

    I've done this since May of 2013, well over 3,000 blog posts in total to date.

    2. Upgraded Morning Lemon Water.

    It consists of: fresh lemon juice, spirulina & chlorella, electrolytes, and powdered amino acids.

    I've been doing this for approximately 5 years.

    3. Meditation.

    The form & duration varies, but, I'd estimate that I've hit greater than 90% of days for ten years or more.

    4. Zen57

    I once did about 500 of these daily classes in a row, in addition to my usual exercise routine.

    It's a hybrid form of yoga, martial arts, meditation, & other movement.

    (You can visit zen57.com to see more.)

    5. Writing 10 Ideas

    Prior to the launch of NotePD I once hit 180 days in a row via Claudia Altucher's book "Become an Idea Machine".

    6. Daily exercise.

    Not so uncommon, nor do I do it every day, but I can't write this list without including my long-term exercise practice.

    Over the last 15 years, while I've followed many different programs & modalities, this has been super-constant.

    7. No consumption of gluten.

    I haven't touched it since 2007.

    I may branch this list, there's more to discuss here.

    8. Home cooking.

    I cook daily, and have done so for a very long time. Estimate: greater than 90% of days for 10 years or more.

    9. Daily manifestation.

    I do this daily with an accountability partner. We've been sending each other a daily manifestation early in the morning since May of 2020.

    Hugh Jackman does it too, that's where we got the idea, from his podcast with Tim Ferriss.

    10. Solve 1 chess problem.

    Got this one from @JamesAltucher

    Here's the book: "Chess" by Laszlo Polgar

    I'm up to problem #820 out of 5,334 so far.

    I estimate that I do this on 90% of days, and that I may or may not finish this before I die, as they will start to get more difficult.

    However, as I get older, perhaps I can devote more time to it per day.

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