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10 unusual places where it would be interesting to live in for a few months

Just thinking out loud. No strong plans to do any of this, but I'm playing with the idea :)

10 unusual places where it would be interesting to live in for a few months

    1. Almaty, Kazakhstan

    I was there for ten days last year and it seemed like a fun city. I was there with my now-ex who was a bit sick so we didn't do that much.

    Would be a good place to learn Russian.

    2. Dushanbe, Tajikistan

    I looked into it yesterday, apparently it's a bit of a boring city with not a ton of nightlife, but the country is supposedly one of the best for outdoors activities. And it might be interesting to live in a quiet capital. Part of the appeal would be that I know almost nothing about it. It would probably feel so foreign. Another part of the appeal is that they speak a dialect of Persian, and I've always been curious about learning Persian. It looks like going to Iran right now would not be a good idea :)

    3. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    I guess I'm drawn to Central Asia, partly because I know so little about it and it's so off the beaten path. Part of the appeal here just like with the two previous ones would be the outdoors. Language here would be interesting as well: I assume this would be a good place to learn/practice Russian (maybe not as much as Kazakhstan), and of course they have their Kyrgyz language which is close to the Kazakh language, whereas Tajik in Tajikistan is a completely different language family.

    4. Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    Okay I'll be honest these are all pretty much interchangeable to me since I know so little about them.

    5. Monaco

    Based on what I've heard and watched in one of Noah Kagan's videos, part of me already hates Monaco. Living there at least 6 months out of the year for tax reasons feels like it would not be worth it. That being said, it might be interesting to live there for a bit to experience this completely different vibe (if I earned enough money to justify this). Not too sure about this though. I might go crazy after a week.

    6. Iceland

    I loved it when I was there in the summer of 2014. Seems like it could be quite pleasant to experience it for a few months, but I'm not sure about the long-term.

    7. A small city in Ecuador

    I know nothing about Ecuador. But I recently overheard someone saying they lived in [some city that wasn't Quito] for four months, and it made me think it must have been super interesting.

    8. Yerevan, Armenia

    I spent a month there in October 2021. I loved it. Great people. I met some ethnic Armenians from different countries who were participating in some program to spend a few months in the country. What a great experience that must be.

    9. Mumbai, India

    No idea what it's like there, other than probably chaotic. But I assume India would feel very foreign, and at the same time they seem to have a decent English-speaking stand up comedy scene, so that must be interesting!

    10. Dubai, UAE

    I used to think I would hate it. But I gotta say I've become more intrigued by it. It must be so different, I'm sure it would be an interesting experience.

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