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10 US States that I should move to!

If I were to move to NY, where should I move to!? Item 1 to 6 is actually where I am more inclined to move to. And Item 7 to 10 is just what I found on the internet and look at their images! lol.

    1. Atlanta, GA

    I know they are making more Spiderman movies, I just want to go see Tom Holland. And James Altucher second! haha.
    Though, I have heard that GA has been the next Silicon Valley, and it has good internet!

    2. Seattle, WA

    It has sort of 4 seasons, Microsoft, Valve, and some other big companies are there. And it's close to Canada! So people there are gonna be nice right? Also, somehow I always wanted to move to Seattle!

    3. Asheville, NC

    I have heard good things about Asheville, and 2 years ago when I look at the rent prices over there, it was pretty cheap! However, and I looked at it again, the prices have gone up 10 to 20%! Also, Asheville has dubbed the Brooklyn of NC, so you can't go wrong with that!

    4. Nashville, TN

    The city of Music! Again, prices there are cheap, and the studio scene there is great too with most of the artists recording their album there! However, I heard the city gets boring after a while! So continue my search then!

    5. Austin, TX

    I know there's where people are moving to, and you know. Sometimes you gotta follow the crowd!

    6. Boulder, CO

    Yes! Went to Denver once, and I love it! And I heard Boulder is even nicer! Though the rent there is about the same as in NY, I heard you get great spaces there. And they have fiber internet too, so that's a plus!

    7. Boise, ID

    8. Charleston, SC

    9. Portland, OR

    10. Minneapolis, MN

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