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10 uses for the common rain poncho

It seems like everybody has some new high-tech sportswear rain gear for wearing now at the first sign of wet weather. And I admit that some of it is pretty good kit. But I like my things to be multi-purpose whenever possible and I am also pretty cheap on most things. So here are some of my thoughts on the common rain poncho.

P.S. I'm not talking about the transparent $3 "emergency ponchos" you see at every stadium. These are the basic, very affordable ponchos you often find at the outdoor/camping/sporting goods store.

    1. They can be rigged in multiple ways as a makeshift shelter if caught out overnight.

    2. It will serve as a waterproof seat when outdoors

    3. it is easier to vent and maintain the right temperature than with traditional rain gear.

    Some of the modern stuff is great at wicking and airflow, but I often find myself too hot and start sweating. So, do I not wear my slicker and get wet from the rain? Or do I wear it and get wet with sweat? No problem with a poncho.

    4. It will keep not only you but your gear, groceries, luggage, etc. dry.

    Since you put the poncho on last, everything can be carried under the poncho if desired.

    5. Can work as a ground sheet for you or your tent when camping.

    6. Can serve as bivouac bag in milder weather.

    7. Use as a wind proof layer.

    When combined with a belt, a simple and inexpensive poncho can serve as an excellent wind proof clothing layer for the blustery days.

    8. Can be used as camouflage

    Depending on the color.

    9. Can be used to attract attention.

    In crowded areas, this may again be based on color. In more open areas, it can easily be turned into a makeshift flag and waved to attract attention.

    10. Will make a large bindle.

    by knotting the hood, and then tying the corners together, you get a large, improvised sack or backpack to carry things wih.

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