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10 valuable things I learned from books

    1. My Word Ignorance

    I've learned a lot in school about trying to figure out words by interpreting their meanings based on context. Or speed reading and trying to understand an entire passage rather than interpreting every word. But after I learned to spend time to learn the words I don't fully understand, it helped me become a more effective reader and learner.

    2. The Lives of Interesting People

    A lot of great biographies out there that highlight just how human we all are, and how much we are all much more capable of.

    3. Who to listen to

    With so much on social media, it's tough to tell who is worth listening to or following for advice. But books seem to establish many experts in their field and helps to narrow down the people worth following or learning from in their field.

    4. Spirituality

    Growing up I'd never really thought much about the concept of spirit or spirituality. But religious beliefs aside, it is a topic work reading about.

    5. About my self

    A lot of great books help you to learn more about yourself which can be incredibly helpful.

    6. What ideas are worth testing

    Some people just take an idea and go with it. For me, I can go with it, but the more I read about a similar concept, the more my mind accepts or understands the idea. So sometimes I need to read multiple books about the same or similar topic before I start putting it to work effectively.

    7. I don't know it all

    Tough to accept... But a lesson well learned

    8. Good ideas are worth reading or hearing from multiple people

    I used to think "if I've heard it once, I don't need to hear the same concept remixed" but more often than not, the books that have helped me most are ones that present similar ideas in different ways.

    9. No real secrets (today)

    Debatable, but there are no real "secrets" anymore, except for projects under NDA or conversations. But major topics in life such as finding success isn't a secret kept from the world. The answers are probably in a book somewhere. Different now with the internet though.

    10. Writing Skills

    Mostly non-fiction/conversational or copywriting skills are great to read and learn in books!

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